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Zhik jackets… the most secure place to keep your passport!

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

My name’s Jenny and I have recently joined the team with Tristan at East Coast Kit.

My husband introduced us who works for Kingfisher Yacht Ropes.

With my background in administration and marketing, I was able to support Tristan with his initially requirements for all parts of the business. I also enjoy sailing and skiing for hobbies, so can bring my knowledge to the role.

On my first day, I had to tell Tristan about my son’s lost passport in our Zhik jacket.

In July we were due to take my son to Portugal for a celebration of completing his GCSE’s.

About an hour before we were due to leave my husband said that the passport was not in his safe. I’d used a picture to book the tickets.

We literally turned the house and car upside down, and called various people for advice to be able to get my son on that plane. My sister came with us via the cinema, where we had used it last, to the airport.

Unfortunately it wasn’t there and we continued to the airport to see if we could get him on a different flight. However, as he was under sixteen at the time, we weren’t able too.

Two months later and we were out on boat for an end of the season sail. My husband came out of the cabin with our Zhik jacket, felt in the pocket and realised the passport had been there all along.

So for all your passport security needs, come to Zhik!!

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