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Sustainable sustainability

When one looks at the definition of the word sustainability I found the following, “the ability to be maintained at a certain level or rate”. It’s a good a thing to strive for with sails and sailing (without even considering it’s other very important eco definition).

EXRP in action - sustainable radial cut laminate sails.

Ultimately, we all want our sails to perform at a certain level or rate. Now that can vary a lot boat to boat. All out racing machines are looking to maintain an exceptionally high level of performance all the time for a predefined target speed and to achieve that you need exceptionally light and stable sails. More cruising orientated boats are often considering totally different factors such as maximum durability and UV protection as sails may stay aloft for months at a time.

One of our key roles at East Coast Kit is ensuring we specify a sail that is going to provide the best sustainability to your sailing. When we talk to a customer we use the combination of our sailing experience and theirs to ensure the sail we deliver will do exactly what is needed and wherever possible exceed expectations.

That said I have also been considering the other aspect of sustainability I mentioned. More and more the world is focusing on taking care of our planet and Elvstrom are pushing the limits of what’s possible for a global sailmaker to reduce our impact. From our EXRP laminate made from 95% recycled materials to the electricity that powers our head office coming from 100% renewable sources, we aim to cut our carbon footprint where possible.

Even our highest level EPEX membrane sails have the option to use our EKKO recycled polyester fibres in the construction.

At East Coast Kit we wanted to add to this effort and help with existing sails already in the market (from any brand) that have reached the end of their life.

As such for any customer with an old like for like sail that’s reached the end of its working life you now have the option to trade that sail in (with East Coast Kit) for an additional 5% discount (above existing offers) on your new sail.

Now I understand there have been offers like this in the past, but what matters here is the final use of the old sail. East Coast Kit has partnered with The Old Salt Loft in Burnham who specialize in turning old sails into bags of all shapes and sizes along with deck chair covers, pillows and just about any soft furnishing you can imagine. The old sail will ultimately be recycled and turned into something totally new and unique that can go on being useful for many years to come.

It's a small way to help reduce the impact of sail making on the environment but with every sail traded in it will take Elvstrom and East Coast Kit a step closer to sustainable sustainability.

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